How Many Entrance Exams Are There After 12th Science Stream And Which Are They?


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There are a number of entrance exams that can be taken after completing the 12th science stream. Which one you take on depends entirely upon which direction you see your career going in.

Some examples of entrance exams that can be taken are:
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Hotel Management
  • Fashion
  • MBA
The website contains information on all the entrance exams in all of these subject areas. There are many different entrance exams for each area, and the one that is chosen should be one that will enable you to carry on studying in the relevant area. The website also contains examples of previous test papers and other useful information such as where the entrance exams are held and which colleges are the most successful in certain subjects.
The section on law entrance exams, for example, shows 10 different entrance exams that can be taken and also lists the dates that the exams take place, the venue they take place in, and examples of previous year's exam papers. 

Similarly, the medical section features all the different entrance exams that can be sat. There are 17 in total in this area, and they range from dentistry to armed forces medical colleges.
The website is extremely useful, as the decision as to which course to follow following the 12th stream is a difficult one to make. Many courses are sought after and the decision that is made at this stage in someone's life can be crucial in them pursuing certain careers. The courses that can be chosen are run in a number of Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, although some cities will have a wider range of subject choice than others.
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I did my 12th from raj. Board with science maths, what are the exams which I may give and have a good career
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Science stream
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Apart from delhi university for the course of BBE, another university for BBE from which we can apply

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