What Is Dolomite Used For?


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Dolomite is used for a variety of purposes as it is a versatile rock. It is mainly used in the construction industry and is often used as a substitute for limestone. Industrial uses of dolomite include the manufacturing of glass (the glass manufacturing industry uses pre-calcined dolomite, which theoretically contains about 21.8% magnesium oxide, or MgO). It is used in certain industries, such as the iron and steel-making industries, as a refractory and also as a flux. Dolomite is burnt, hardened and then made into small pellets and heated again. These pellets of dolomite are then used in the manufacture of blocks of dolomite refractory. Calcined dolomite with added iron oxide is used to repair the inner linings of furnaces. It is crushed into a fine powder called aglime, which is used for agricultural purposes (it reduces the acidity of the soil), and in the filler-making industry.
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  Dolomite is really
a limestone compound the idea  incorporates
calcium and also magnesium.  Your  easiest mixtures contain eight  to help 12 percent magnesium along with 18 to
22 percent calcium.  These types of  elements
assist  influence  your
ph  of any  soil
and provide  beneficial  nutrients
to be able to  plants. Dolomite
will probably often contain sodium, but the idea  in the event  sole
always be 0.2 percent sodium as well as less.  Additional
sodium  will probably  change
your  salinity  of any
soil,  in which  will probably  kill
several  plants.   

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To build bricks
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Is dolomite lime used in chicken coops to benefit  chickens?

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