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Yorkshire is the largest traditional county in Great Britain cover a distance of 6,000 square miles. Its is bordered by County Durham, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Westmorland, and the North Sea. Yorkshire has traditionally been divided in to North, East and West Ridings, with each of the ridings being divided in to further territories know as Wapentakes which were originally governed by an early democratic model know as a "thing". Interestingly the county town of York is not part of any riding.

Yorkshire has a population of approximately five million, with Leeds being the fastest growing city in England and the second largest populated city. The emblem of Yorkshire is the White Rose of the House of York, and August 1st is celebrated as Yorkshire Day. Among Yorkshire's unique traditions is that of the Long Sword Dance, a traditional dance not found anywhere else in England.

At its highest point Yorkshire is 788m above sea level, this point is Mickle Fell, a hill in the Pennines.
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Yorkshire is a well known county, situated in northern England, and said to be one of the biggest counties in Great Britain.

Yorkshire shares its borders with County Durham, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Westmorland and North Sea. It is conventionally distributed into West, North and East Ridings. Later each of these ridings was subdivided into much smaller sections known as Wapentakes. The major area of the Yorkshire County now shapes up the traditional counties of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and East Riding. The symbol of Yorkshire is the White Rose of the House of York.

According to the census report the total area of this county was estimated to be close to 6,000 square miles. The census report also stated that the total population of this region was roughly five million.
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The historic county of Yorkshire covers an area of approximately fifteen thousand square kilometres or six thousand square miles. It is the largest county in England. It is located to the north east of England. If measured in terms of acres the county covers an area of over three million six hundred and sixty nine thousand five hundred and ten acres.

The County is bordered by the North Sea, Westmorland, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and the County Durham. The county is divided into its three primary subdivisions of North Reading, West Reading and East reading. There are two flags that symbolize the county. The earlier one had a White Rose of York placed in the centre of a dark blue flag while the newer one has a red cross of St George against a white background with a white rose on a blazing sun at the intersection of the cross.

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