What Is Meaning Of O&m In Telecom?


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O and M, within telecommunications, stands for operations and maintenance. These terms are usually also grouped with repair to be abbreviated as MRO. This abbreviation is used when referring to the fixing of any mechanical or electrical device should it stop working or to refer to the general upkeep of a device in order to keep it working. Operations and maintenance within telecommunications can mean the actions that take place to retain or restore the device to a level where it can carry out specific tasks or full serviceability. It can also be defined as the all of the supply and repair actions that have been carried out to keep a force in condition to carry out its mission or the routine work that is carried out on a regular basis in order to keep a facility working continuously.

Within telecommunications that are two main categories of operations and maintenance; preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance
• Preventive maintenance - this is carried out on equipment before it breaks down. The maintenance has many different variations and various research is used to determine the most effective maintenance methods. Preventive maintenance is particularly useful when maintaining older equipment and helps avoid age related failures. The cost effectiveness of preventive maintenance is highly dependent on the RCM analysis.
• Corrective maintenance - this type of maintenance is only carried out after the equipment has broken down. It can be more costly to the company if it is being used instead of preventive maintenance because worn equipment can damage other parts and lead on to further damage. Corrective maintenance is most effective for random failure patterns, which occur 80 per cent of the time. 

Operations and maintenance are essential within telecommunications to ensure that the service runs smoothly and is prepared should there be any failures.

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