What Is Telecom Domain Testing?


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Telecom Domain testing is a term meaning to check for errors, deficiencies or other concerns with regard to telecommunication equipment and terminals; to evaluate and carry out corrective procedures. The creation of new products for better service is a goal of domain testing.

Testing requires domain knowledge to create, monitor and diagnose systems; applications and network functionality. Testing includes ongoing diagnosis of performance in telecommunications systems. The monitoring and development of corrective procedures, debugging and fixing problems related to equipment is an ongoing process.

Testing includes the control and mastery of audio and images, cryptology, security, interfacing for advanced services, testing and evaluating new products, equipment and services.

Testing determines the creation of middleware. Testing is done on unified databases developed from multiple databases. Systems validation and use of adaptors and plug-ins for legacy network elements in integrated systems is part of the domain testing.
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It is a domain testing for checking the errors, like software testing. It is used for the debugging purposes based on the telecommunication. You can register with a secured domain name from the trusted websites like tucktail

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