How Many Cubic Feet In A Ton Of Dirt?


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A tonne of dirt usually takes up around 34-40 cubic feet. However, the type of soil, and its moisture can change this figure quite dramatically. It is usually used for gardening and landscaping and can be bought from a building supplier.

This will cover 180 - 200 square feet of ground at a thickness of two inches. Dirt and top soil are sold by weight, but you will need to use a volume calculator in order to work out how much you will need for a job.

When covering an area with top soil always allow at least 5 per cent for compaction and waste. When dirt is transported it will of course compact and so will cover slightly less than calculated. It is always a good idea to over fill any area as well as the dirt will compact over time and rain will wash away some soil if it is outside.

A tonne of dirt translates into about 20 loads in a wheelbarrow at 100 pounds per trip, a sturdy person with an equally sturdy wheelbarrow can manage 100 pound loads. 
A good quality top soil will cost around £50 - £100 per tonne, but is often sold in what is known as a one tonne bulk bag which will have a guaranteed minimum weight, usually around 850kg. The things to look for are the stone content and if the soil is peat free.

Peat is bad for the environment and can prevent certain plants from growing; it is also much denser than good top soil and therefore represents bad value for money. Stones of course, have no benefit to plants and are usually found in poorer quality soils.
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Roughly, one ton, (2000lbs) of loose, dry soil = one cubic yard of volume.

This will cover 180 to 200 Sq feet @ 2" thick (90 Sq ft to 100 Sq ft @ 4" thick, etc).

Allow 5% for compaction.

Soils and gravels ARE sold by weight, but need to be calculated in volume as to how much you will need to do the job
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It will depend on the type of dirt i.e. Its density, compaction and other characteristics. Typically, soils are measured in cubic yards or 27 cubic feet, not by weight.

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