How Many Cubic Yards Are In A Ton Of Gravel?


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There would be approximately 20-30 cubic metres of gravel in one ton. The reason this is an approximation is because there are many different types of gravel, which will have a variety of weights. The weight of the gravel will depend upon the size of each piece of gravel and the material used. It also depends how thick you will be spreading the gravel, as an extremely thin layer will go much further than a thick one.
When laying gravel, you must first smooth and compact the soil that it will be laid on top of.  Then you should line the soil with about 2 ½ inches on compact crushed stone. Dampen the stone with plenty of water to help to compact it and avoid any dust and then use a smooth flat instrument to help compact it even more. Then place a layer of landscaping fabric over the compacted stone and pin it into place to avoid it moving or bunching up when you place the gravel on top. Make some kind of edging along the landscaping fabric, which will be embedded into the ground slightly and will work as a barrier to avoid the gravel from dispersing away from the desired area. This is particularly important if you are laying a gravel path through a garden or around grass, as it is easy for the gravel to mix into the grass.
You can now pour in your gravel to within about half an inch of your edging. Use a rake to smooth it out evenly and ensure that none of your landscaping fabric can be seen above the gravel. It is popular to place colourful flowerbeds around a gravel path, particularly in a garden to create a well-kept and attractive garden.
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Of course, the weight per cubic foot of the gravel determines the answer to our question and the wt/cf varies with the type of gravel and the size of the individual stones.
Researching a few sites thru google, 110 lbs/cf seems to be a reasonable average.
So, 2000 divided by 110 is 18.18 cubic feet, divided then by 27 (cf/cy) equals 0.67 cubic yards per ton.
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Want to get some gravel to cover a half acer od land how many tons of gravel would I need

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