What Are The Applications Of Genetic Engineering In Agriculture?


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This is achievable to prepare clones of genetically manipulated plants as well as animals of agricultural significance having advantageous characteristics. This will amplify the nutritive worth of plant as well as animal food. Genetic engineering might bring about the development of plants that will fix nitrogen directly from the atmosphere, instead of fertilizers which are pricey. On the other hand, formation of nitrogen fixing bacteria that can live in the roots of crop plants will make fertilization of fields redundant.
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During few decades, enermous progress was seen  in the field  of genetic engineering in agriculture. Recombination of  DNA technology  opened up new chances for highly specific manipulation of the genetic material. Once applied and developed to a sufficient degree, it promises ultimately to provide a powerful additional tool to the plant breeders. This technology broadens the possibilities of transferring genes between unknown organisms and creating novel genetic information by specific alternation of cloned genes.


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