Compare And Contrast Between Ethics And Law?


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Just because something appears legal and does not violate and local, state or federal legislation on the "surface" and if certain aspects of the actions and presumed favorable results are achieved, the performance of the act does not necessarily mean that the action is of favorable ethical actions. Ethic's are not readily definable as laws tend to be on paper. If someone knows that some event will transpire in the future which will greatly increase the value of some property. The person that knows of the future event having the knowledge and resources and lack of conscious could entice the current owner of this property to sell the property to them at a greatly reduced price without disclosing this future event and thereby could purchase this property at a lower price had the future event been disclosed to the seller. This would be an example of a potential unethical act. At the same time if someone is representing something for sale as being without problems or issues, while in-fact the sale property is in-fact defective but does not disclose this defect then this again would be an example of a potential unethical act. These are simple examples but reflect both sides of a potential unethical act as opposed to a law. The law is a written definable act (Speeding, Drinking and driving) that if broken reflects the noncompliance with the law by the offender. The unethical acts of an individual are not so readily definable and are much more subjective and relate to one's views and beliefs as opposed to specific acts which tend to be either "guilty" or "not guilty". Now to really make you think why if someone is found to have not committing the illegal act they may have been accused of and when adjudicated is not found "innocent" as opposed to being found not guilty? Innocent and not-guilty are not the same just as law and ethics while related are two different animals.
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Laws are written "rules" that have gone through a system of some form of government process and voted upon by officials. Ethics are a more loosley concieved element that contain a sense of right and wrong in regard to proper conduct such as the treatment of other people and or behavior that may affect others or their situation
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There is a strong relationship between law and ethics but sometimes they overlap and sometimes they do not. Similarly there are many circumstances when law and ethics contradict each other. Law is a consistent set of rules that are universally acceptable while the ethics are the moral deeds which are good for the society and individuals. There are many examples in which they contradict with each other but I give you one example like betraying your friend and insincerity with him or her is not illegal by law but it can be considered as unethical.
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They are both governing bodies that tell one what one should do in any given situation. For instance, Law tells you what you should not do (such as robbery) and what you should do (such as stop at a red light). Ethics governs what you should do (for example not kill animals). However, ethics are specific to you and your beliefs and only you hold yourself accountable as apposed to law which the government, law enforcement, and the public hold you accountable. Ethics are not law however they can act as law such as a regulated profession (nursing for instance) instructs that nurses that they must have a licence and follow the professional standards outlined by the governing body to carry the licence to practice. The professional standards state that one must follow the code of ethics created by governing body and if they do not than their licence is removed. Therefore it is essentially law for the nurses to follow the code of ethics to avoid having their licence removed because it is absolutely law that they must practice with a licence.
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Law and Ethics are not the same thing at all.  Just because something is legal does not necessarily mean it is moral or ethical, and vice versa. 
 One example would be the Holocaust.  When Hitler gave an order, his orders were, by definition, LAW.  Thus when he ordered the death of millions, it was legal (there were not even international laws forbidding it at that time), but would it be called moral or ethical?  Those who disobeyed their orders to commit genocide were disobeying law.
The same could be said of Slavery.  It was legal, but that did not make it moral or ethical.  And those who ran the Underground Railroad were violating the law... But they were acting in a moral and ethical manner.
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1. Legal and moral regarded an important content of citizenship as their own rules of conduct to the requirements to make it be strengthened.
2. Socialist legal some of the demands of socialist morality into law, to make it standardized and institutionalized, and the use of state coercive power to guarantee its implementation. Serious violations of the law of the socialist moral rules of conduct by law to impose sanctions and combat.
Socialist socialist morality of "law-abiding" as a social virtue in advocating for the rule of law condemned this act of sabotage.
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Law refers to the written rules and regulations that govern a society of state. Whereas Ethics comes from social and moral norms. It is the factor that distinguishes good from bad. You can get information on ethics and law from the links below which will help you in writing the essay:
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Help I have to do a powerpoint on comparing and contrasting the roles that ethics and laws play within organizations. This is my first powerpoint so any ideas would help it has to be a 10 slide powerpoint

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This is a huge and complex area and needs a lot of study. You could start with this overview of business ethics and the law, and other materials can be found by typing the key words 'ethics business law' in a search engine and seeing what articles you can find.

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