What Are Ethics In Data Collection?


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Several ethical issues should be addressed while collecting data. As previously noted these pertain to those who sponsor the research, those who collect the data and those who offer them the sponsor should ask for the study to be done to better the purpose of the organization and not for any other self-serving reason. They should respect the confidentiality of the data obtained by the researcher and not ask for the individual or group responses to the disclosed to them or ask to see the questionnaire. They should have an open mind in accepting the results and recommendation in the report presented by the researcher.

Treating the information given by the respondent as strictly confidential and guarding his or her privacy is one of the primary responsibilities of the researcher. If the vice president or some other top executive desires to take a look at the completed questionnaire the obligatory need to preserve the confidentiality of the document should then be pointed out they should be reminded that prior understanding of this had already been reached with them before starting the survey. Also report on data for subgroup of say less than 10 individuals should be dealt with tactfully to preserve the confidentiality of the group members.

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