What Effects Were There In The 2004 Tsunami?


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The 2004 tsunami was occurred in the Indian Ocean it was due to the nature of the wave. That wave moved downwards on the eastern surface of the fault line at the same time as aloft on the western surface. It was not only harmful for the marine life but humans were also affected to a greater extent. Fishing industry was also highly affected because of the tsunami, 2004.
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Research states that a total of 229,866 people were lost, which included 186,983 dead and other 42,883 were found missing. That means that some family might of lost relatives. They would also need to rebuild most of the homes & buildings and clean up of all of the damage it has done.
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The 2004 Tsunami of the ndian Ocean had devastating effects. It killed over 300,000 people. Many of the dead bodies were lost to the sea or were unidentified. It is also claimed that around 1 million people died as a result of Tsunami either directly or indirectly. Thousands of people were left homeless.  There were many other who suffered from disease which outbroke as a result of Tsunami.

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