How Many People Died In The Asian Tsunami?


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According to BBC News, death toll in Asian tsunami 2004 is more than 220,000 and more than 166,000 people died in Indonesia alone. However, U.S geological survey claims a total of 227,898 and around 170,000 causalities in Indonesia.

Some other sources also have their own statistics on confirmed and presumed deaths in Asian tsunami; around 295,608 people died in total and 242,347 in Indonesia by the massive destruction of tsunami. Tsunami earthquake struck the coastal line of South Asia with an epicenter off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia on 26th December 2004 with the magnitude between 9.1 and 9.3.

The Asian Tsunami 2004 engulfed the coastal line of 12 countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Indonesia tops the death toll figure among other affected countries by tsunami, where the province of Aceh and North Sumatra have more confirmed deaths, as the area was directly hit by tsunami tides. After Indonesia, Sri Lanka has faced high destruction with the death toll around 30,000 followed by India and

Thailand, having number of causalities around 16,000 and 5,200 respectively.

In Thailand 3,000 people are reported as missing, from which more than 1,000 were foreigners.

Reports have also revealed that one third of the total death figures comprised of children. According to the sources, there are two possible reasons of that; first children have low ability to resist against the natural calamities and secondly all the affected areas are densely populated with children.

The Asian tsunami is the cause of death over 7,000 tourists (mostly from Europe), and around 500 tourists were missing in this disaster. There were a high number of tourists from Sweden, causing the death toll of 3,559 Swedish citizens in tsunami.

There were around 500,000 people injured in Asian tsunami, according to World Health Organization report. Around 1.69 million people were displaced in this gigantic tragedy.

Recently on 11th March 2011, Japan has also become the victim of earthquake and tsunami, which is now left with thousands of homeless people. More than 10,000 people have passed away, with 17,440 people missing and 2,775 reported as injured.
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The initial death toll estimated in the Asian Tsunami was said to be around 275,000, with thousands of others gone missing. A recently conducted research states that a total of 229,866 people were lost, which included 186,983 dead and other 42,883 were found missing.

The Indian Ocean earthquake which took place in the year 2004 is identified by the scientific society as the Sumatra- Andaman Earthquake which took place under the sea. The earthquake resulted in a series of destructive tsunamis which stretched throughout the Indian Ocean.

These tsunamis took the lives of several people and flooded the coastal regions of South and Southeast Asia which included sections of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India and Thailand. The earthquake started from the Indian Ocean just north of Simeulue Island, off the western coast of northern Sumatra.
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The December 26 earthquake and tsunami devastated the lives of millions of people, leaving a wake of destruction from Asia to Africa. This was the worst natural disaster in Indonesia's history, and
Aceh and North Sumatra suffered the most. Over 110,000 people lost their lives, an estimated 700,000 people were displaced, and many orphaned. The scale of the damages to the local economy, infrastructure, and administration were unprecedented. In an instant, the livelihoods and security of hundreds o
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About 230,000, not counting the ones that went missing.
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Over 225,000 people were killed in the tsunami in 2004 and I can't believe it
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I would say around 300,000. There are thousands of people still missing.
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230,000 plus the people who went missing and some(or actually lots) people who were injured.

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