How Much Electricity Does A Microwave Use?


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A microwave oven uses approximately 1, 500 watts of energy, which is almost as much as a four-slot pop-up toaster. It is one of the biggest consumers of electricity among household appliances, and it is also one of those appliances that is used practically everyday.

The invention of the microwave oven has made things easier for people, especially working women, to heat their food, and sometimes even to cook it. Only the electric oven and the electric clothes dryer (which consume about 5, 000 watts of electricity each), the water heater (which uses up about 3, 800 watts of electricity), the two-and-a-half ton central air-conditioner (which uses about 3, 500 watts of electricity) are bigger consumers of electricity than the microwave oven and the four-slot pop-up toaster.

A microwave oven, however, uses much less electricity than a convection oven. It uses one-fifth the electricity of a large convection oven, and is twice as good as an electric convection oven, a toaster oven, a gas oven, a frying pan and a crockpot.
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A microwave uses 1 watt a year and is a great consumer of your household energy
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A watt is a joule of energy per second. "1 watt per year" is a meaningless notion. There are on the order of 8800 hours in a year, so 1 watt corresponds to about 8.8 kWh of energy each year. Many places, that will cost you less than a dollar.
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Does a microwave use a lot of electricity when not in use but the digital clock is on?

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