What Is The Best Way To Prepare Ground For Planting Rose Bushes?


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First is to till and work the soild where the planting will be done. Buy some good mulch and manure, peat moss or other planting filler and dig your holes and work this area with the mulch, manure and or peat moss. You really want the ground to be soft and loose so as to give the roots of the Rose bush the best chance of survival as the plants will go through major shock when the transplanting is done. Other items such a Vitamin B-12, Rose Bush fertilizer and perhaps miracle grow should also be used during the actual transplant. You will want to do this also at a time when it is a moderate climate. Not to much heat, sun, rain and the like as the plant remember will be in shock. Once the soil has been prepared along with deep watering so the ground around the planting area is moist, not soaked, of dripping weat but moist with a sustained deep moisture not an instant flood. Dig your hole slightly deeper than needed fill the bottom of the hole with the mulch and peat moss and/or manure to provide a good nesting spot for the plant then mix the ground being used to refill around the plant about half as big as the plant itself with the mulch, manure, peat moss and fill in around the plant with this mixture making sure to eliminate any potential air pockets in the refill area around the plant. Tap this dirt gently with the end of a shovel of similar device until it is firmly packed around the plant. Water, minor flood the spot to also assist in removeing air pockets in the planting area and this should do it for the most part. Keep the plant well maintained and watered, nurished and cared for for a couple of weeks until the roots break out and start to expand into the ground.

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