Can You Rank The Aqueous Solutions In Order Of Decreasing?


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A few days ago I gave an answer to this question to the best of my ability and you (the blurtit team) rejected it for being too long. I admit it was long, my reason was to try to help this person to learn how to approach answering such questions on his/her own with a little help and forethought.
I am dismayed that you would deny an honest attempt to help another, and even perhaps several others.

I am especially disturbed that your reason was so bogus and outright incorrect that I was prompted to find out just how long my answer was: You have stated in your rules that we limit our answers to 1000 words; with the help of Microsofts word processor WORD 2000 and their Windows XP, SP3 operating system, I counted my total word count to be almost 300 words short of your 1000 word maximum. Their total was 715 words. I will review it further for clarity and content and perhaps resubmit it. If it still appears that I've violated one of your rules of Q & A ethics or any other such notion, then please do with it what you want!

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I'm sorry, I tried to shorten my answer but was unable to do so without losing some of the answer content. Also, you never told me how much I had to shorten it, so other than a few words, I was unable to do much, especially having Parkinson's disease.

Sorry, BTB

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