How Do Insulators Work?


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An insulator

is a material that restricts the transfer of heat or electricity and these

are used to protect the dangerous effects of electricity flowing through conductors. Electrical insulators detain the electric current to a chosen path. They generally work by using a material with many outer electrons.

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Electric charge carriers and ions are required to pass current from a substance. Insulators are non-conductor of electricity. Insulators cannot conduct electricity because they do not posses free electrons or charge carriers and ions. Ionic compounds in solid state are insulator. The forbidden energy gap is very large in insulators as compared to conduction band. Moreover, some insulators like ionic compounds can conduct electricity in molten or solution form due to the presence of free ions.
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Insulators place a non-conductive material between 2 or more conductive materials, thus interrupting the path of electricity.
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Basically in layman's terms an insulator keeps two things from coming into direct contact with each other
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What kind of insulator? An insulator on a wire protects the copper wire from hitting anything metal or the neutral wire so as not to start a fire. An insulator the worker insulates houses and other structures
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The best insulators have pockets an example of this would be a string vest. If you wear it in Winter it keeps you incredibly warm
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Well it's insulation that keeps the warm are
or cool air in your home

then work because it creates a boundary between the inside and outside walls!

Think of putting on an oven mit before you pick up a hot pan! The oven mit keeps the hot away from your hand!
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Well depending on what time of year it is, In the summer it will help keep the heat out and the insulation will also help keep the cold in, and just the opposite in winter etc.

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