How Do Thoughts Work?


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Thoughts are essentially just electrical impulses, sent via synapses, through neurons. The impulses tell the brain cells how to respond in different situations, emitting different chemicals called neurotransmitters  which tell your body in essence how to perform. All we are, our memories, our thoughts, or very souls, all boil down to the living circuitry of the brain. And it's all, in a nut shell, electricity.
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My thoughts work like this ... Wake up(a)  ..breakfast ? Yeah nah (A)  .. Coffee (A)  ... Shower (a) .. Stupid shower song ... Brush teeth .. Brush teeth song . (A) .... Do hair ,.... Tornado get dressed (a) ,,,. More coffee For road (a) ,...., drive ...I should have had breakfast....maybe I'll get a smoothie before work ( a) yeah nah .... I can wait till lunch to eat then ,.,,,. Work .... Smile and act like I'm listening to morning chit chat with coworkers before meetings start  :) think about what I'm gonna do when I grow up while they talk,... Wait..... I should already have grown up ... Well I'm never gonna grow up then :/  ..maybe I'll move to Van finally and take that job  ,.... Nope I won't  ... Maybe I'll go to Toronto then ,... Um to late you going next week sucka ... Now I really just don't wanna go grrrrr .,..I really wanna get a puppy but I can't even get my life together enough to match up my socks in the morning .... More coffee .. Yessssssssss:) and thats all before 9 am on a weekday. And I missed some (a)'s. That's how my thoughts  works ... I'm guessing I'm not the only one just different details and less (a)' s ;p

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That is a good question .. Since I started taking this cold medication yesterday .. Mine don't work .. I think they are broken.

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Definitely the best answer. I've had the same trouble since I got old. At least, yours will mend themselves when you stop the medication. Mine can only go downhill. :(
Bikergirl Anonymous
... oh .. Make no mistake .. I wasn't in that great a shape before I got sick ... and I still can't find my keys nor my pair of grey shoes or remember what was soo important that I had to make a mental note this morning about what I had to do today. Pffftt .. ya'd think I would know better by now .. mental notes are only scribbles .. and undecipherable!
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Somebody once set that to verse:

"I thought a thought,
but the thought I thought,
was not the thought I thought.
And so when next a thought I think
I think I'll write it down with pen and ink."

Or, at the very least, record it on my mobile phone. :)

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