How Does Genetic Inheritance Affect Child's Development?


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Child Development can be attributed to many factors, both genetic and
environmental.  Genetics will play some part in how a child learns and
develops, but that can be greatly offset by their environment.  How
someone works with their child can drastically change how they develop
and learn.

There have been many cases like sky stated above that have shown even
twins being raised in two separate homes being drastically different in
how they have developed.  Like I said it is a combination of both
genetics and environment.  Genetics will give you a greater leaning
toward one disposition or another, that is definitely true (as sky
stated above with the example of depression) however, environment can
offset that genetic tendency as well.

It is the age old argument of genetics vs. Environment.  Both sides have good arguments and sources (researches), however I would state that it is a combination of both.  Though I tend to lean toward environment, as how a person is treated and what kinds of situations they find themselves in can greatly set the stage for anything - genetics tendency or not.
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8.5pt COLOR: Black; LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; : 'Verdana','sans-serif'">Genes play a influential role in the development of child. There are some genes that are recessive while others are dominant. If the dominant gene enters in the genetic makeup of child he acquires that particular trait. There are some career genes as well that become visible in different generations. Different studies on physical and psychological disorders show that genetic inheritance is there for development of fetus. As in depression there are 76% chances in identical twins to develop depression if raised in the same environment. But if brought up separately there are 67% which confirms the genetic vulnerability.
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