How Does Heredity And Environment Affect Development?


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Both of these factors (heredity and environment) are extremely important indicators of just how smooth someone's journey through life will be. In fact, many serious mental illnesses are created by a combination of genetic predispositions, combined with a rough passage through childhood. For example, with the personality disorder known as Narcissism (DSM-IV grouping), children who don't get sufficient nurturing from their mothers in the crucial formative years (from birth to age five) with be more likely to develop this disorder, which results in self-absorption, lack of empathy, and even narcissistic rage.

  • Personality disorders and nature/nurture

It's been proven that these sorts of personality disorders are often "passed down" through heredity. Therefore, the combination of heredity (genes) and environment (parenting, economic situation, socializing) will both have a tremendous effect on the human personality.

However, many human beings have the wrong genes for great mental health, as well as terrible upbringings, and yet these people somehow persevere and end up living lives filled with success and love. How mental health and future success will play out is really dependent on a person's willpower, as well as their ability to remain positive in the face of adversity.

  • Mental health care can help

Sometimes, having access to mental health services, such as therapy and medication, will be a decisive factor related to a person's overall well-being. In most developed countries, free mental health care services, which are terribly important, can be accessed by almost anyone. In poorer nations that don't feature these services, the prognosis can be bleak. Social progress has improved most people's attitudes toward mental illnesses caused by heredity and/or environment - however, there will always be some sort of stigma as people confront their demons and accept the facts that they are suffering from mental illness.

Mental illness can range from minor episodes of situational depression, to full-blown manic depression (also known as bipolar disease) or psychosis.
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