Could You Define Psychoanalytic Theory And Psychodynamic Perspective Of Psychology?


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Psychoanalytic theory of the psychology was proposed by father of psychology  "Sigmund Freud" and it has mare emphasis on the sexual instincts and urges while the psychodynamic perspective undertake the theories of followers of Freud. But their emphasis is was not specifically to sex rather they through light on the different important factors of life  as well.
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Basically it deals from early childhood.; the conflicts and defenses we had. The defenses we developed at that time may be destructive in adulthood. I think the idea is to make us conscious of these conflicts and defenses, and change the defenses to something more beneficial in adulthood. It's a pretty long process and can be painful and expensive. If you have a condition that doesn't hamper you severely in adulthood, you might be better with a shorter form of therapy.
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Sorry, I don't think I answered your question. Iwas in a hurry. I think sky123 gave you answers more specific to the question. You are probably in an academic program rather than seeking types of therapy that might help you.
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Psychoanalytic is the basic theory given by frued and that give rise to psychodynamic perspective.

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