How Many Tires Fit In A 20 Feet Container?


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According to the FAQs found on quick maths tells us that if a 40 ft container can manage to hold 1,500 tires (and up to 2,700 if the tires are bundled together in triplets,) a 20 ft container will be able to hold 750 tires and 1,350 3-in-1 tires respectively. From here, you’ll be able to plan the transport needed to distribute the tires you have in storage accordingly. The best advice is to use a more conservative estimate. This way, if you determine that a 20 ft container will only be able to fit fewer tires than 750 or 1,350, you won’t be disappointed by being too ambitious with your allocation.

In some cases, you may be able to get custom-made containers from specialist companies, or the tire company you are working with will be able to provide impartial advice on how many tires they believe will fit into a container. After all, many of these firms will have decades of experience in assisting their customers, and they will be the best-placed experts to get you on the road!

Should you have a choice in the size of container you go for, it could be worthwhile to consider using a 30 or even a 40 ft container. This is because a large number of tires won’t be too compressed, meaning that the quality of the materials could be compromised in transit.

Drive safe, and make sure that all of the tires are packaged securely before you hit the open road!
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That depends on the tire size and the container size .

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