How Many Tons Of Asphalt Are In A Mile Of Road 20 Feet Wide Two Inches Thick?


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1564  tons
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The most accurate way to do this is to research and find the wt. Per c.f. Of the mix being used, calculate the number of cubic feet needed and multiply times wt/per c.f. Which gives pounds, divided by 2,000 for tons.
Be sure to use 0.17 feet for the depth.

Another rule of thumb method is based on the premise that one ton covers one square yard at a depth of 18 inches. You then divide the actual depth being used (2" here) into 18 and you know that the one ton will cover 9 sq. Yards at 2'. That would be 1,304 tons.

If you use the first method above, and assume a wt. Of 145 lbs./cf, it would be 1,302 tons.

The % of compaction can affect the amount of hot mix asphalt used also but not significantly.

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