What Was The First Scientific Invention Or Discovery Made By Sir Isaac Newton?


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The first discovery of Sir Isaac Newton was the Force Of Gravity which is keeping every thing in a shape.  He discovered it when he saw an apple fall to the ground. On this, he presented three laws of motion. So you can say that his first discovery was gravity and laws of motion.

Scottish mathematician James Gregory had proposed a blueprint for a reflecting telescope in 1663, but Newton was the 1st scientist to build one. He built a reflecting telescope with a 3.3-cm mirror in 1668.

He also showed that the colored light does not modify its properties by separating out a colored beam and shining it on a variety of objects. Newton observed that regardless of whether it was replicated or scattered or passed on, it stayed the same color. Thus, he observed that color is the effect of objects interacting with already-colored light rather than objects producing the color themselves. This is known as Newton's theory of color.
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Thank you lots ZuhailI admire the guy's work and still feel he would have done a whole lot more if he was still around- things like 'the cure' if you know what I mean. Cheers!!!

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