How Does Changing The Temperature Of A Gas Change Its Volume?


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The volume of a gas at a constant is directly proportional to the temperature, that means that as the temperature increases the volume increase.
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It expands. Depending on the type of gas will determine the amount it will expand. Propane for example has a boiling point of -44 and when introduced to the atmosphere will expand 270 times from liquid state to vapor state. That's without adding extreme heat like fire. Just the temperature difference of the liquid propane (60 degrees) to the ambient temp ( the air surrounding the tank) causes the liquid to boil. Its a molecular thing and goes hand in hand with temperature/pressure relationship.
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The equation for ideal gas is;

PV = nRT

P = pressure

V = volume

n = number of moles

R = ideal gas constant

T = temperature

V = nRT / P

If the number of moles and pressure of the gas are kept constant, then the volume and temperature of the gas vary directly.

V = Constant T

Suppose k = constant

V = kT

It is known as Charles law.
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Rate of temperature change for various gas
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The molecules will become closer when they are colder and expand when they are hotter

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