Which Is Closest To The Temperature Of The Core Of The Sun?


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The closest temperature of the core of the sun is 10 million K (27 million degrees Fahrenheit).

The surface temperature of the sun is around 5,800K, but it varies a great deal.

Even though the sun is around 93 million miles from earth, it only takes around 8 minutes for light shining from the sun to be seen on earth.

There have been many sun worshipping religions around the world, and Stonehenge was rumoured to have been built as part of a sun worshipping religion. That said, I think we are all sun worshippers when it decides to put in an appearance after a particularly harsh winter!

The sun is made up of gases that produce light and energy to make life on earth possible, but the surprising thing is that around one million planets the size of the earth could fit inside it.

Although the sun will eventually consume planet earth, we really don't need to worry too much because that is unlikely to happen for another 130 million years, and lets face it, with the best will in the world, we won't be around then!

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