How The Potwar Plateau Is Different From The Balochistan Plateau?


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I have enough knowledge of Potwar plateau but very little about Balochistan plateau. Followings are the differences according to best knowledge:

1) PP is comprises of sammi hilly area while BP is comprises of big mountains.
2) Timperature in PP varies from -3 to 48 c while in BP its 1 to 42c avarage.
3) PP recieves more rains as compared to BP.
4)  PP is thickly populated as compared to BP.
5) PP is frought with premitive remains while BP has no such advantage etc.
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  1. 1.the potwar plateau is located between river indus and jhelum.while the balochistan plateau is located in balochistan
2.the potwar plateau is located near islamabad while bp is located near quetta.
3.the balochistan plateau ranges from 300-1527m and bp ranges from 300-3010m.
4.pp can be stated as a doab(land beween two rivers) bp can not.
5.pp has badland topography but bp has no badland topography.
6.pp has much more economic potential than bp
7.pp has better water resources.
8.bp has coastal area but pp has no coastal area
9.bp as ha muns(temporary lakes)like hamun-I-lora and hamun-I-mushkil but pp has no ha muns
10.pp is more populated than bp
11.bp is rich in mettalic minerals like copper and gold while pp is rich in non-mettalic minerals like limestones
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