Can Anyone Tell Me About The Plateau Of Balochistan In Pakistan?


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The plateau of Balochistan is located within the geographical area of Pakistan and bordering Iranian plateau at the eastern edge. Also, the area is at the centre of the Southwest, Central and South Asia. The area is named after its local population Balochi and the other languages spoken here are the Pastho, Brahui, Persian, etc. Though, the plateau is believed to be rich in the natural gas and many mineral resources (such as iron, coal, chromate, copper, etc.) but the population density is very low due to the inhuman difficult mountainous terrain and paucity of water. Average height of the plateau varies from 600 meters to 900 meters.

The majority of the northwestern part of the plateau is desert prone and habitants are found only near to the rivers and streams. Extreme weather conditions of the area have made it further inhospitable. Southern and central region of the plateau is known as Makran and Kalat respectively. The northeast corner is captured by the Sulaiman Mountains. Famous Bolan Pass, a natural route to Kandahar, Afghanistan, has found its origin from the plateau of Balochistan (don't quote that the plateau has been cross-bordered through the pass from Iran via Afganisthan!). Barren hills, Toba Kakar and Chagai Ranges bordering Afghanistan, Ziarat and Muslim Bagh peaks, salt water lake Hamun Mashkhel, etc. are the other few important landmarks of the plateau of Balochistan. Rivers like Zhob, Gomal, Hab, Poral, Hingol, Dasht, etc. with very less rainfall form the lifeline of the plateau.
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The vast plateau of Balochistan lies in the west of Sulaiman and Kirthar Mountains. This is a dry area like Potwar. Its average height is between 600 to 900 meters. But the mountain ranges of the north- eastern Balochistan is comparatively higher on south and on the western side, the height of mountains is less. The Chagai and Toba Kakar ranges separate it from Afghanistan. Most of the north- western part of the plateau is a desert. In this desert area the salt Water Lake "Hamun-I-Mashkhal" is situated. The famous river of the area is Zhob, which is a tributary to the river Gomal. In its south flow the Hab, the Poral, Hingol and the Dasht rivers, which fall in the Arabian Sea. Many valuable minerals like coal, natural gas, iron, chromate and copper have been found in many parts of the region.
The climate of the Balochistan plateau is also extreme. In the winter most of the areas are hit by severe cold. During the summer it is very hot everywhere except in the high mountains areas.

There is a general shortage of water in Balochistan that is why natural springs and water reservoirs are considered to be valuable assets.
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I want some report about balochistan plateau

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