How Many Times Larger Is The Diameter Of The Sun Than The Diameter Of The Earth?


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The Sun has an equatorial diameter that is 109 times greater than the Earth. Also, the Sun's diameter is approximately 1.4 million kilometres, compared with the Earth's much more modest measurement of 12,800 kilometres.

The Sun
The Sun formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago, when a critical mass of matter formed.

Under the pressure of gravity, the centre of this mass became so dense that it sparked a thermonuclear reaction - which is the heat-generating process that life on Earth still depends upon today.

Almost all the mass in the solar system is accounted for by the Sun, and it is thought to be brighter than 85% of all the stars in the galaxy of The Milky Way.

The Earth
The Earth is the third-closest planet to the Sun, at a distance of 150 million kilometres on average. It might only be the fifth-largest planet, but its heavy iron core makes it the densest, and it is the largest of the four inner terrestrial planets.

Earth formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, and the emergence of life began one billion years later. The proliferation of life altered the chemical constituency of the planet's atmosphere, creating an ozone layer, which allowed sea-dwelling life to move on to the land for the first time.

The Earth's metallic core gives it a strong magnetic field, which blocks a large amount of solar radiation from the Sun, that would otherwise harm the delicate ecosystem it supports.
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Sun's diameter = 1,392,500 km
Earth's Diameter = 12,756 km

1,392,500 / 12,756 = 109.16 times larger than Earth's diameter.
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The Sun's diameter is about 109 times larger than the Earth's.

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