How Many Times Would Earth Fit Inside Jupiter?


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In comparison to Earth, the planet Jupiter is more than 11 times larger than Earth’s diameter. Jupiter’s diameter is 141,700 kilometres and Earth’s diameter is only 12,756 kilometres, therefore it is easy to tell that Jupiter is the larger planet. In addition to this, you could roughly fit Earth into Jupiter 1,000 times. This demonstrates just how huge Jupiter as a planet really is.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and has 63 satellites of its own, four of these being planet-size moons. These moons are called lo, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. As a collective, these four large moons are known as the Galilean satellites.

Not only is Jupiter bigger in size than the Earth, it also has an enormous magnetic field which is nearly 20,000 times as powerful as Earth’s. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and it contains more matter than all the other planets combined.

The composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere is somewhat similar to that of the sun's. It is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter is also the fourth brightest object in the sky. It comes after the Sun, the Moon and the planet Venus. 

The main feature of Jupiter is what is known as the Giant Red Spot (GRS). This is an area in the planet’s atmosphere which, as the name suggests, is the colour red. This giant red spinning storm has been observed for over 300 years. Even in this spot, the Earth could fit inside over two times, which again demonstrates the enormity of Jupiter in comparison to Earth. If Jupiter was in fact approximately 80 times more massive, it would be a star, rather than a planet.
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The planet Jupiter is the gas giant and is the largest planet of our solar system. If you weigh all the planets on one side and Jupiter on the other then Jupiter alone will be two and a half time more massive than the others combined. It has been named after the Roman God Jupiter. Its radius is 11.209 times greater than Earth’s radius; its surface area is 121.9 times earth’s surface, its volume is 1321.3 times that of Earth’s radius and its mass is 317.8 times greater than that of Earth’s mass. It is so large that it can be sighted form the earth during night and appears to be a great red star.
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Jupiter is 318 the size of the earth
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About 1400 Earths could fit inside Jupiter.  When other people do this calculation, they use more accurate numbers and so the number is closer to 1300.
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Jupiter is about how many times larger (in diameter) than the Earth?  
   A. 5  
  B. 10  
  C. 50  
  D. 100
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Approximately 11 Earths would fit inside this gas giant, Jupiter is larger than all of the planets in our solar system, COMBINED.

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