How Do Cells, Tissues, Organs, And Systems Work Together To Serve The Organism As A Whole?


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Your Lungs bring in oxygen which enriches the blood which pumps the blood through you body and brain so they get oxygen and nutriments also absorbed by the blood from food and drinks consumed through the mouth into the stomach which processes this energy and keeps the rest of everything else which are all dependent on each other to live. Your stomach growls, your eye's see food, your feet take you to the food, your hand grabs the food and with your eye's help direct you to place the food in your mouth and chew so all the digestion and breathing you do keeps you alive.
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Well as in a human body the control is kept by a central nervous system which is again divided into the peripheral voluntary and the autonomic involuntary system(ANS). Its this ANS that keeps a firm control over all the involuntary functions of all the systems of the body like the digestive, respiratory, the endocrine, special senses etc.
     It is usually in the disorders, destruction, severing of the ANS system that we see involuntary movements and other irregularities.
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I think the cells in our body help us move breathe and many more things to do. Cells are good for us they help us live. When you get hurt or something  you are letting out cells.we can all help our body by eating the right things. Bye and remember all of this and eat healthy.

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