How Many Ethnic Groups Participated In The Dual Labor Market?


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This question cannot be answered as it is asked.  When we talk about a dual labor market, we're referring to a economic situation in which a majority group has access to the better jobs and job-related resources than those in a minority group.  Those in the minority group are relegated to lower status jobs that pay lower wages, have less attractive benefit packages (if they even offer benefits at all), and less job security.  For instance, in one situation, you may have a dual labor market in a large city where whites of various ethnic backgrounds (i.e., Irish, Italian, Welsh, English, etc.) make up the majority group who enjoys greater access to job resources while people of color (i.e, black Americans, Latinos/Latinas, West Indians, Native Americans, etc.) make up the minority group who work in the secondary labor market.  The specific ethnic groups that make up each group (majority/minority) are dependent upon the geographical location of the labor market to which you are specifically referring.

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