Foreign Investment In The U.S. Is Seen As A Sign Of ________ In The U.S. Economy?


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Foreign investment in the U.S. Is seen as a sign of FAITH/TRUST in the U.S. Economy
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The United States has been the world’s largest recipient offoreign direct investment (FDI) since 2006. Every day, foreign companies establish new operations in the United States or provide additional capital to established businesses. With the world’s largest consumer market, skilled and productive workers, a highly innovative environment, appropriate legal protections, a predictable regulatory environment, and a growing energy sector, the United States offers an attractive investment climate for firms across the globe.
Foreign direct investment in the United States is substantial

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This seems to be taken from a multiple choice business question, where the alternative answers include weakness, strength, inflation and favorable balance of trade. However, without knowing the context (ie, seen by whom?) it is only possible to guess at the answer, as it could be a sign of weakness, strength or favorable balance depending on your point of view. Could you ask your question again with a bit more context?

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