What Is The Foreign Investment In Nigeria?the Pros And Cons?i Mean How Foreign Investors Invests In Nigeria.


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Hello friend, you ask a very brilliant question? To I see as a way of building the country very fast, because it create an avenue for expert to come in and invest in whatever area the country is suffering from. But you will make sure that they are not flusters there profile must be properly exam, unlike some local government in Nigeria due to lack of proper investigation they went to assign a contract to flusters in abroad which at the end of the day they were cought. But if proper examination is done before the investor come you will realise that what the country can not achieve on her own within a short period of time due to the help of the own exposure, experience it will be get done. And thank God for one thing no country come into your country to invest that they don't make there money your country is a good spot to make money and to invest. Nokia will always love to trade, MTN, CELTEL and all the multi national companies. It's a good gain partnering with our country NIGERIA.
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What are the reasons of companies investing outside their countries ( foreign Investment )? By Anyanwu Prince in Enugu State
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FDI flows to Nigeria dropped by USD 4.52 billion to USD 5.12 billion, the lowest in nine years according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Furthermore, the CIA Factbook highlights Nigeria's FDI stock reached USD 98.73 billion in 2016, a 3.03% increase from 2015. FDI stock abroad also increased to 13.71 billion USD, a 10.77% increase from 2015.

Some of the country's main advantages are a partially privatised economy, an advantageous taxation system, significant natural resources and the low cost of labour. On the other hand, widespread corruption, political instability, lack of transparency and poor quality of infrastructure limit the country's FDI potential.

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