In Lab Tests What Is CK?


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 CK basically stands for C-Creatine and K-kinase,which  is an enzyme which can be found in the heart, brain, skeletal muscle, and other tissues.these enzymes helps to perform normal functions of the body.
There are three different forms of CK in human body.which are given as under.

CK-MM (skeletal muscles and heart)
CK-MB (in heart)
CK-BB (in brain).
Small amount of CK is normally present in the blood.
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Anonymous commented there a level which would raise a red flag? I was just informed my results were benign, but what 'would' actually be a red flag if you know? I'm just curious.
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If you're really worried I'd call up the lab when they're open and ask about it. It'd only take a few minutes and it couldn't hurt. That way you can be sure about it.

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