What Are The Lab. Apparatus Used In Physics?


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The specific apparatus available in physic laboratories will vary depending on the complexity of the lab and who it is intended to be used by. There are a number of pieces of equipment, however, that will be found commonly across physics laboratories. These include voltmeters, electron microscopes, barometers and electroscopes.

  • Voltmeter
    This is the instrument used to measure the electrical potential difference between two points on an electric circuit. Voltmeters can either be analog or digital. The former has a pointer that moves across a scale in proportion the voltage that is being emitted. The latter uses an analog to digital converter to show the response on a digital display.

  • Electron Microscopes
    This is a specific type of microscope that uses a particle beam of electrons to illuminate the object being examined and produce a magnified image. Electron microscopes have a much higher resolving power than other microscopes, including the light powered optical microscope.

  • Barometers
    Atmospheric pressure can be measured using a barometer. Water, air or mercury is used to make the measurement and the pressure tendency can be used to make predictions about short term changes in the weather. They are used within surface weather analysis to find high pressure systems, surface troughs and frontal boundaries.

  • Electroscopes
    These are used to detect the presence and magnitude of electric charge on a body. It was the first ever electrical measuring instrument. They can be used to detect electric charge by the motion of a test object. This motion occurs due to the Coulomb electrostatic force. Electroscopes are sometimes considered as crude voltmeters. This is because the electric potential of an object equals its charge divided by its capacitance.
These pieces of equipment can be used independently and together by physicists to carry out a wide range of scientific experiments.

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