What Is Transparency In Distributed Database?


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Distributed Database (DDB): is a collection of multiple logically related database distributed over a computer network, and a distributed database management system (DDBMS) as a software system that manages a distributed database while making this distribution transparent to the user.

Transparency is one of the advantages of the Distributed Database System, where it refers to the physical placement of data (files,relations,.etc) is not known to the user. It has 5 types:
1- Distribution and Network Transparency: Users do not have to worry about the operational details of the network.

2- Location Transparency: The freedom of issuing command from any location without affecting its working.

3- Naming Transparency: Allows access to any object names (files.relations...etc) from any location.

4- Replication Transparency: Allows the storage of data copies at multiple sites which is done to minimize access time to the required data.

5- Fragmentation Transparency: Allows the fragmentation of the relation horizontally (create a subset of tuples (rows) of a relation) or vertically (create a subset of columns of a relation)

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