What Is A Standalone Database In QTP?


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Standalone database is the database that is configured on single pc or client instead of being configured on the server side.
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Quick Test Pro (QTP) is a good tool mainly used for functionality testing. QTP is quite user friendly for both technical and non technical users. Every one can easily access this. A stand alone database in QTP is where the data can be accessed from for various tests.

This data can be obtained from the data base into a data table of QTP. A variety of databases like Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server, or Mysql with QTP can be used with QTP. After we make a connection we can use this database. We can parametrize objects, checkpoints, data driven tables for more flexibility using QTP. Runtime parameters can also be added to data sheets.

The syntax for doing the same is :

This will add a new column called NewColumn_Price in the datatable under Global Sheet. Similarly exporting data present in Data table to an ".xls" file is also quite easy.
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I can use the Object Spy from QTP  to get the id and name of SAP GUI controls, e.g. User name control from the login screen.

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