Normal Female Ovaries Produce Only One Egg Cell In One Month And The Lifespan Of One Egg Cell Is 24 Hours!So.,is It True That The Chance Of Fertilization Is Only 1 Day Per Month?


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Technically, yes.

But most women don't know exactly when they ovulate.  Some women even ovulate during their period!    

Sperm can also live in a woman's body for almost a week.  That means that if you have sex a few days before your egg is released, you can get pregnant from it!  

So never assume that you're safe from getting pregnant just because you avoided sex on the one day that you think you were ovulating.  Because you could be wrong.  And if you're right, you'd still be at risk if you had sex in the week before that!  So if you're not trying to get pregnant, then play it safe.  Assume you are always fertile, and use protection every single time.

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