What Does The Body Do To Get Rid Of Carbon Dioxide?


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Unless you get carbon monoxide poisoning then that can kill you if you don't get the proper treatment from a hospital.
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Carbon dioxide is NOT a toxin although high levels can produce ill effects of the body.  When carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood stream are kept within normal levels, the body suffers no toxic effects.  Some people live over 100 years with carbon dioxide in their blood stream.

The human body uses two organ systems to control the level of carbon dioxide.  Each exhalation removes carbon dioxide from the blood and expels it into the environment.  In addition, dissolved carbon dioxide in the blood stream forms bicarbonate and is then removed from the blood by the kidneys and excreted as part of urine.
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When we breath out our body produce cardio
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what is cardio??
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Carbon Dioxide!
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Cardio doesnt mean carbon dioxide. Its basicly short for cardiovascular it can either refer to cardiovascular exercise or the heart and the general circulatory system, not CO2
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When you exhale you get rid of carbon dioxide and when you inhale you obviously take in oxygen.
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Ehh, lets see what I know, well I'm currently studying this and I think, well, carbon dioxide is poisonous,  it dissolves in the tissue fluid and goes back into the blood plasma. The blood carries it to the lungs where it is got rid of (excreted).
The respiratory system exhales to rid the body of carbon dioxide♥

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