How Do Humans Use Carbon?


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By inhaling air which contains more oxygen and less carbon dioxide we respirate
and this carbon is used many places in our body for making some bonds but their more amount can also harm us
but as considered to carbon each and every being contains carbon in one or the other way
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It is interesting, because all living things are called carbon based.  We are carbon based, makes up a lot of our biology, yet, if too much carbon absorbed, we become ill.  If we have too much oxygen without carbon, you can actually suffocate.  That is why when a person in  hyperventilating, taking in too much oxygen, without enough carbon, it is urgen that you breathe into a paper, or other bag until your carbon level rises.  This will cause a calming effect.  But if only carbon for long period of time, you can stop breathing alltogether.  It's complex, but Like I said, we are all carbon based creatures, and without it, there would be no life on this planet
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Can carbon harm humans?

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