What Was Galileo's Childhood Like?


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He was born in Paris, Italy on February 15, 1564. He was the first child of Vincenzo Galilei a famous lieutenant and music theorist, and Giulia degli Ammannati. His family belonged to the nobility but was still poor. From his earliest childhood Galileo, was remarkable for intellectual aptitude as well as for mechanical invention. His favorite pastime was the construction of original and ingenious toy-machines; but his application to literary studies, was equally conspicuous. Everybody called him “Father of Modern Physics” or “Father of Modern Science”. Later, when he was eight, he and his family left Paris, Italy and moved to Florence. After Galileo finished his school, he enrolled for a medical degree at the University of Pisa and instead got a math degree Galileo started studying at the Camaldolese Monastery, in Vallombrosa, around twenty-one miles to the southeast of Florence.

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