What Is The Difference Between A Barium Enema And A Defecogram?


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Barium Enema is the visualization of colon and rectum by x-rays through the use of barium. As x-rays pass through the soft tissues, a contrast agent like barium which can absorb x-rays is placed in rectum. This test is performed to know about the colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases. TheDefecogram is a radiological procedure in which x-rays films are taken during defecation. It is use to diagnose rectal prolapse, vaginal prolapse and rectocele. In this test the contrast is taken orally.
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Is there any other test out there to see if I have intussusception other then a defecogram.....how embarrassing it will be for me to try to deffecate with people watching....help
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Don't worry you will not be expected to do this with people watching . You will be able to do it in private.
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So there is no better test then
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Your almost correct.  With a Ba enema the contrast is all liquid and is injected retrograde.  In a Defecogram there is contrast drank 2 hours prior to the exam but there is also some Barium mixed with Oatmeal and injected rectally along with some liquid barium.  The patient is then as on a makeshift toilet and the defecation process is observed and filmed on a digital system.

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