In The Victorian Period Were Milliners (hat Makers) Considered Wealthy Members Of Society?


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In Victorian period church people, baptist ancestors of the northern region and the industrialists who took part in industrial revolution were considered as the richest. Every society vary from Country to Country. In every society social class is present. In some society Industrialist were considered as the richest. In other Baptist were considered. And in some Rulers and owners are considered.
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oh, okay, thanks. I was really talking about Australian society-in sydney to be more specific-and a milliner in particular. Thanks for the general info-but I would prefer something a bit more specific. It doesn't have to be complex, just 'Milliners were considered wealthy' that's it!
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No, of course not.  At best, you'd be an artisan or craftsman; you could also be a worker, usually female, in a hat factory, and at worst you're working at home sewing artificial flowers onto the hats, in which case you have barely enough money to pay for firewood.  It's usually women's work, and it's low wage.   My knowledge is from the United States, but I don't see why it would be any better in Australia.

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