Panasonic Rear Projection 53" TV Mod. # PT-53WX53G Will Not Power On, The Red Light Blinks 5 Times, Then +/- 5 Seconds. Repeats 5 Blinks Etc. What Would That Code Indicate Is Wrong, Or Is That Even A Code?


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Hello! OMG, this problem is very strange and I can't even help with it. I think you should have brought a good device at once and you could have avoided these problems. Next time try to find more here qn55q60rafxza review and use this knowledge.

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Additional info, 5 blinks
could be a fault on the Vertical Circuits, have a check on it ( Voltages at the supply pins )
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They are just possibilities , or a guide, a clue

the true causes can be diagnosed with the aid of service manual , actual visual and

voltage measurement inside the unit, if you feel and you're  qualified for troubleshooting

and repair have one or let the professionals do it for you.

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