Why Is The Middle Of The Summer Called The Dog Days?


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Because the star Sirius (the Dog star) is prominent in the sky
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No, No, NO, its because THATS when you go outside and play with your Puppy Dogs!!!!! LOL!!
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Because the star Sirius (the Dog star) is prominent in the sky
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Because my dog's tongue hangs out about 8 inches - makes me jealous......
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Jim Witness Protection
Used properly,( or improperly, depending on you point of view ) the tonque can be an amazing apendage used in certain instances. And 8" would open up a whole new world.
Kristi W
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Why is it that my mother never wanted us to swim during dog days? She used to tell us that it was not sanitary for us to swim for like 2 weeks at the end of every summer...lol i think she was full of it!!!
Kristi W
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Lmao....you guys are crazy
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Maybe because only a dog would be insane enough to be outside in the heat! :)
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And I always thought it was because of the blistering heat, and we are all sitting around panting with our tongues hanging out, trying to cool down just like the dogs!
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LOl, Tamerind again. Think of the postcard picture of Tamerind on the porch with her puppies out in the fresh air...wow, I need a drink of something duff and cold. Lol
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Cause the weather in the middle of the summer is very hot. It has an effects on dogs. It makes them hang out their tongue and breathe deeply . So it's called dog days.

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