What Environmentally Friendly Alternatives Can I Use To Self-seal Sandwich Bags In My Child's Lunchbox?


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Do you really need self-seal bags? Don't the crumbs get everywhere after your child puts the bag back post-meal (don't tell me you have a child who is tidy enough to seal it back up again?). Juice and yogurt spill, apple cores crumble, presumably you can't get away from cleaning inside of the lunchbox, anyway.

Would you consider saving the barely used bags from other forms of packaging? Wrap the sandwich up tight in them? Bread loaf bags, cereal bags, inside bags around the biscuits from Lidl, bags that greeting cards came in, bags wrapped around new magazines. There may be an issue with ink residue on the magazine bags, but you can turn them inside out. Larger bags can be used instead of cellphane or aluminium foil wrapping over leftovers and food in the fridge or even freezer. If you can mange to view every plastic bag or wrapper that comes into your life as potentially reusable, you probably will never need to buy any sort of cellophane wrapping or sandwich bag again.
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A good clean way I found is to wrap the childrens sandwiches in greaseproof paper. My children find it fun to unwrap their sandwiches, because when I wrap then I do it as a parcel and seal it with a sticker - all good biiodegradeable stuff!. Once they have finished with the wrapper, it can be thrown in the bin. This eliminates the use of plastic bags altogether and is much more environmentaly friendly.
As a by line, why not get the children to 'help' wrap them. This is a fun way to introduce young children to chores and they see the fruits of their labour later on when they are opening their lunch box
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Wax paper is quickly degradable. All you need is a bit of tape. It can also be spread out and eaten open for a clean eating environment. It's pretty hardy stuff, made of natural material, lightly covered with wax, so its water proof, for sandwiches with vegetables, or tuna, anything moist, won't leak through. Also I usually put little notes in the lunch box that says things like I love you, and I am so proud. I know you'll do great on your spelling test. I use recycled post-it notes, they come in bright colors, I found them at Wal-marts. A lunch box, or tote is a better choice for carrying lunch, because it's reusable, just imagine how many paper bags you could use, in a single year. Thanks for being concerned about our planet!good fortune
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I would just buy a lunch bag that came with a sandwhich container in it already. Or buy a container..... That way you're saving money and not wasting bags all the time!
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Tupper ware makes a sandwich sized container
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See these reusable sandwich wrappers made in Glasgow

They say: 'School packed lunches are traditionally wrapped up in cling film, tin foil or plastic bags. This ends up in the bin and land fill sites - so what could be better than a Reusable Sandwich Wrap - a RE-WRAP-IT!! No more wrapping up sandwiches or snacks then throwing the packaging away. The Reusable Sandwich Wrap can be used day after day with just a wipe down of the plastic food side and an occasional hand or machine wash for the cotton outer layer - all sealed up with a Velcro strip to keep it fresh.....INGENIOUS!!!!
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They do look ingenious and they don't have any flimsy bits that can break either. Thanks for the tip!
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I'll tell you what I use for my son..we bought the plastic sandwich containers that have the sealing lid..they are made by wonder and are shaped like a little sandwich..they are cute, keep the sandwich from getting smushed and are reusable...very convenient.
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I have used a food saver for a lot of stuff. I have done a trail on a bread bag and it worked fine. Just pull it open like you would a bag of chips,a child can do this with ease. You can get many a miles out of one bread bag.I would guess that if you really gave a good cleaning to plastic grocry bag,and cut up some squars and make your own pouches. Large chip bags,could be reused. Plus you can vacum seal when needed. If you don't have one allready,it worth the investment.I use it all the time keeps my food fresher....we all must do our part.
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Hi I'm the girl in Glasgow who makes the reusable sandwich wraps and I (of course!!) think they're brilliant. They are very simple and can be used time after time. You just wipe down the inner plastic side and reuse it. If the outside gets grubby it can go in the washing machine at 40 degree, the dish washer or just rinse it out in the kitchen sink.
It seals with a Velcro strap so can adjust to sandwiches, rolls etc.
My son has been using his for over a year and it comes back every day - the only time he lost it, it turned up in lost property as there is space for you to put your name on it.
I started making them for school fairs and they're now taking over all my time.
Give it a shot!

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