Why Is 'Old Faithful' Important?


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"Old Faithful" is important because it shows that nature can be persistent and reliable.    Seesee
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The Old Faithful is one of the world's most famous geysers and is located at Yellowstone Park. It got its name in the year 1870(the Washburn party named it). It is famous for its eruptions of boiling water that happen very frequently and records show that till date as many as 137000 eruptions have occurred. Records show that in one eruption there can be up to 3700 to 8400 gallons of boiling water that goes up in the air as high as 106 to 184 feet. If you are a visitor to the park it is most certain that you'll catch a glimpse of the geyser erupting. There is said to be a direct relationship between the duration of an eruption and the time at which the next eruption will take place. However, the intervals between the eruptions are said to range form 65 minutes to 92 minutes making 91 the average time between two eruptions.

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