Five Different Forces Act On An Object. Is It Possible For The Net Force On The Object To Be Zero?


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Simon Templar answered
Yes, if the vectors cancel out.

Here is a simple example:

If you had four forces applying straight down on a table in space, each 1 newton.  That would be a total of 4 newtons applied down on the table.  If you had a fifth force applied straight up, under the table, a total of 4 newtons, then you'd have 4 newtons being applied up.

And with 4 newtons down and 4 newtons up, the net force on the object would be zero.

It is a little harder with forces that are not parallel, as the horizontal and vertical forces would need to be individually reconciled, but yes, it is absolutely possible for the net force on an object to be zero for almost an infinite number of forces.

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