What Plants And Animals Live On Mount Everest?


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Despite how cold it is, there are actually quite a few plants and animals living on Mount Everest!

Animals on Mount Everest
There are some pretty tough animals living on Mount Everest – you wouldn’t want to come across any of them when they’re hungry!

They usually hang around in the lowest zone, where all the plant-life and other animals are.

Some of the animals living on the mountain include:

  • Snow leopards
  • Himalayan wolves
  • Tibetan bears
Plants on Mount Everest
Most of the plants on Mount Everest are found at the lower levels – the higher you go, the less plant-life you’ll come across!

In the lower zones of Mount Everest, you’ll find the following plants:

  • Juniper
  • Birch
  • Blue pines
  • Firs
  • Rhododendrons
  • Bamboo
Above this zone, you’ve got the Alpine scrub zone, which can only sustain very limited plant-life. Above that, there’s the Arctic zone, and nothing lives up there!
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Life is impossible on Mount Everest as it is very cold and has a very low level of oxygen which is essential for the plants and animals to thrive on Everest.

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