What Is The Assignment Of The National Economic Council Of Pakistan In The Upcoming Meeting On May 31st 2007?


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For the next year, the National Economic Council of Pakistan, which is the most acknowledged and highest body for making economic decisions, has formulated a strategy to shape the budget of the Public Sector Development Program, which amounts to about Rs.535 billion. The sum for this year is about 25 percent more than the budget of the Public Sector Development Program last year.

According to authentic media sources, the National Economic Council of Pakistan would meet in the state capital Islamabad to conduct an review of the Public Service Development Program for this year and moreover contemplate comprehensively over the Medium Term Development Framework as well (that covers the entire period between 2005-10). There is another plan called Vision-2030 that concerns future plans and developments for the country, which the National Economic Council needs to look over and give its final approval for. In addition to that, the NEC would also monitor the performance of the ongoing development projects that are taking place all over the country.

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